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Drink of canister of Jinan green jade

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Lotus is in the life of Jinan person, have serious place. Using lotus field, jinan still has a few special consuetudinary. Among them the most interesting, want to calculate drink of green jade canister.

According to Tang Dynasty person Duan Cheng type is in " You Yang miscellaneous an ancient sacrificial utensil " the account in one book: In ancient time, big during the lotus of bright lake blooms, a few government officials, bookman, haunt lakefront is away for the summer holidays, they cut the Dalianxie in the lake come down, cheng Shangmei wine, the central part that uses part of a historical period of lotus of hair clasp general next is pricked, make be interlinked with bine of hollow carry on one's shoulder. People is drunk from the extreme absorb wine of bine of carry on one's shoulder, that flavor, the word that uses the bookman that has experienced personally at that time says, namely " wine flavour miscellaneous lotus is sweet, sweet Leng Sheng at water " . This is passed to be a story pasted on with approval by refined scholar of Tang Songwen's person namely " drink of green jade canister " .

In Jinan, lotus leaf is divided outside filling wine to use, OK still make it a lot of food that provide local color alone. Be like the lotus leaf of will fresh and tender verdure, iron with hot water appreciably, the lid when the congee that boil is on congee, etc candy is added again after the congee that has boiled is cool, flavour of lubricious green jade is sweet, the name says " lotus leaf congee " , it is the snack with Jinan famous summer; By do " ground rice flesh " or " powdery evaporate flesh " practice, cut good pork first, fry good rice, mix on soy, choose next big the bowl mouth is only big tender lotus leaf that bright lake produces, abluent, bag of a piece of lotus leaf has a pork and right amount parched rice, booth is put in the bowl, go up again steam box, become namely after evaporate is ripe " flesh of carry on one's shoulder " . Eating is to connect the flesh to take lotus leaf to eat together, have porky namely delicate, have the faint scent of lotus leaf again, particularly delicious. With same method, OK still the classy cate such as fish of chicken of make it lotus leaf, lotus leaf. In addition, pack food with lotus leaf, also be the custom with peculiar Jinan. The evaporate package that sells in food store before, fried dumpling, ripe flesh and bloat dish, a lot of it is to use lotus leaf to pack, do not show oil namely so, show water, do not have faint scent taste one time again very get people reception.

Additional, what past Jinan person still has leaf eating carry on one's shoulder is consuetudinary. Among them " scamper lotus valve " it is the renown dish with Jinan peculiar summer. After leaf of will fresh, complete, clean carry on one's shoulder is abluent, hang on one thin thin stiff egg is burnt, put the bomb in oily boiler again, scatter after scamper is good on white sugar, have the mouth in, faint scent is goluptious, the aftertaste is boundless, very love for people place.
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