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"Eat spring "

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Jinan person happy event feeds Chinese toon. Chinese toon is a kind of tree, its are tender foliaceous scent can be fed. The tender leaf of Chinese toon of picked, edible is spring of clear acting person " eat spring " , have the idea that welcomes the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day. Palace of Jinan outskirts intermediate is taken teem with Chinese toon. Annual spring, chinese toon is budding smoke Xie Shi, also be Jinan person " eat spring " when. Right now, farmer people tender violet or virescent Chinese toon bud is broken come down, take peddle to the market; Like " eat spring " people is contended for buy in coming home, sample of spring sweet. Chinese toon has a variety of eating law. And of Jinan " Chinese toon bud mixes bean curd " far outside famed.

People general bloats a bit with salt after Chinese toon bud or tender Xie Xi are clean, had kneaded, bloat to be able to be taken overnight about with. The Chinese toon bud that when using, will bloated cuts end, the bean curd that Xiaoding cuts after appearing evaporate again and end of Chinese toon bud are put dish in, scatter on refined salt, the balm on drop mixes divide evenly can edible. Another is planted the practice is " scamper Chinese toon " - - - will tender Chinese toon is abluent, drop clean moisture, the knead after adding salt is even, touch divide evenly in the panada of mix up again, the blast in putting hot oil is yellow, take out those who feed, crisp sweet. Because do fish of the be similar in shape after raising Chinese toon blast to become, so Jinan folk cries again " fish of scamper Chinese toon " .

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