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Jinan dragon boat festival

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Jinan person crosses dragon boat festival to basically have the following characteristic: Draw door accord with. Dragon boat festival this day, people general " the five poisonous creatures " (scorpion, centipede, serpent, toad, gecko) the accord with of door of paper-cut make it of figure. Do so allegedly, it is for drive " the five poisonous creatures " , prevent plague. Insert Ai Zhi, hang Ai Hu -- dragon boat festival this day of early in the morning, people is inserted on the door with respect to Jiang Aizhi, or braid with Ai Hao " Ai Hu " , be in the center of lintel or on Dai Zaishen, drive bug avoids unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, protect with in good health. Drink realgar wine, eat a zhongzi -- dragon boat festival before this day of breakfast, want first drink wine of a cup of realgar, again the edible glutinous rice, red jujube zhongzi that wraps, drink yellow rice or millet wine can kill insect pest allegedly, monarch 100 evil, wrapping a zhongzi is to visit patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

Dai Xiang bag, department is multicoloured silk thread -- be wrapped to child Dai Xiang and go up in the artifice strung is multicoloured silk thread, this also is Jinan dragon boat festival of general popularity consuetudinary. Sweet parcel is become with cotton goods and silk thread embroider, in the bag besides installing some of realgar, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, install the flavor that sweetgrass matchs even, drive bug rises to divide on Dai Zaishen dirty action. Multicoloured line is indicative 5 kinds of dragon, it is OK to tie 5 kinds of lines surrender demons and ghosts. Dragon boat festival this day, a few Mingshi are in Jinan one day this to go boating bright lake, party carouse, do a poem to sing. Above these wind be used to, some continue to all the time today, if dragon boat festival inserts Ai Zhi this day, bag zhongzi, be in today Jinan as before very flourishing.

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