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In July the 30 lamps that put a river

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In Jinan, whenever the past is late on July 30, each Buddha temple holds jar orchid basin to be able to play classics of Yo of Taoist sacrificial ceremony. Some other peoples should be burned on large quantities of a slender stick of incense, along the foot of a wall inside the courtyard and road of another name for Ningbo a root is inserted on the ground, to the ground Tibetan king expresses devotional; Some formal release souls from purgatory that use the light that put a river die in the soul in the river. Allegedly, the traditional Chinese calendar July 30 is the day that Bodhisattva of king of Tibet of the ground in buddhism becomes. He is in when the path, ever pledged all living creatures that wants general to spend guilty evil, make they break away from abyss of misery. Accordingly, will become release souls from purgatory on July 30 " die fetch " day.

River light uses wet noodle make it. After air, go up in lamp bowl soya-bean oil, reoccupy cotton rub becomes lampwick, after igniting, put in the river, let its direct current wave. At this moment, see full river nods bit of lights only, sparkle bright, wave drift swing, river water is mirrorred red is redly. The be addicted to in the river is allegedly dead " ghost " see lights, can get exceeding is born. The lamp that put a river is activity of Buddhist a kind of superstition.

In those days Jinan is big the Taoism priest in temple of arctic of bright Hubei bank people, also in the traditional Chinese calendar this day of release souls from purgatory that hit Taoist sacrificial ceremony will die on July 30 fetch. They by day recite scriptures, entertain come of the burn joss sticks in temple " almsgiver " , look for the worker that plunge into paper to be papered with colour paper large " law boat " , in the lake water that is put before temple, attract tourist. Arrived in the evening, taoism priest people the samite cassock that puts on brightly colored, strike noisy cymbal, blow sheng whistle, from a few step high arctic temple rank comes out, arrive before law boat cremate " scanty head " , in the meantime, the burn-up of large law boat that colour paper plunges into. For a short while, blaze is ablaze, according to full lake brightly lit, make whole Jinan city does it resounding. Inside temple of as a result, lakefront, 10 thousand assemble are moved, close-packed. After liberating, do away with as what have blind faith in feudality, "The lamp that put a river " wait for an activity already not answer see.

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