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Jinan medicine city is met

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Jinan medicine city can be at the beginning of Qing Dynasty already arisen, it is 3 big medicine city of countrywide one of meetings, city of a surname of dimensions comparing Heibei (bring a country today) , Henan Yu Zhou (today county of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty) slightly small. Old times, jinan Bao dash forward the door austral the spring slants there is medical Wang Miao on the west, fabulous the traditional Chinese calendar April 28 is medical king birthday, annual this day, druggist, a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs and people arrive more medical king temple is sacred, chair inside temple employ theatrical troupe to act in a play, if the person that watch is blocked up, druggist, a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs is portable all sorts of Chinese herbal medicine and in officinal come this sells, other businessman also carries all sorts of commodity to come this trades, buying and selling person reach on 10 thousand people, form the temple fair that is a center with medical king temple then, because temple fair is given priority to with medicinal material of buying and selling, call again after " medical city is met " . Drive the grow in quantity of person year after year of the meeting,

After consortium of industry of Jinan city traditional Chinese medicine held water 1931, medical city can change to will begin on March 20 from the traditional Chinese calendar, sessional and general 10 ~ 15 days. Those who drive Jinan medicine city to meet basically is a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs of the province city such as northeast, China north, Hua Na and Shandong each district, druggist, the druggist of Ren Chuan and other places also has Korea in those days will drive of the meeting. "77 " after emergency, decline of medical city meeting year after year, after be being liberated till Jinan, medical city just can restore gradually. Inside ten years after founding a state, medical city will be flourishing, drive meeting masses every year to amount to hundred thousands of person-time. 1966 " the Great Cultural Revolution " begin, the meeting cut back of Jinan medicine city that has hundreds of years of histories. 70 time end, 1000 Fosan temple fair restores Jinan, druggist, a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs drives 1000 Fosan temple fair more, chinese herbal medicine trades to become an one's duty of 1000 Fosan temple fair to allow then.

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