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Bright lake steps on lotus root

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Jinan teems with lotus lotus root, bright lake lotus root especially famed. Before liberating big bright lake, fall except all previous at that time the boat is reached all round booth travel channel is pure outside be canalage, crisscross paths on a farmland of the others surface, formed a paddy field. The “ on the paddy field east a lotus, on the west a cattail, earth-filled dam archives lived water, pu Wei obscured again lotus, stretch to the horizon, because water is darker, slimy layer thick, so can grow lotus lotus root, Pu Lai, want picked lotus lotus root, can fall to walk with the foot in water only. Accordingly, bright lake steps on lotus root to become Jinan a kind of tradition is consuetudinary.

When stepping on lotus root, the “ that steps on lotus root person to wear waterproof of a leathern connects garment pants ” . Fur clothing sees molten of the quality of a material after water, the person that wear can apply freely in the brothers in water. See poll or fur clothing able to read aloud fluently are on surface only ups and downs, have rhythm feeling very much. This is to step on lotus root person to use a foot to look for lotus root in underwater exploration. After finding lotus root branch, find equal lotus root part even, walk forcibly next, one branch bright lotus root is broken from the root below, reoccupy foot comes to water of lotus root winkle, grab the black mashed vegetable or fruit on a lotus root, besmear is outside fracture surface, lest rinse water goes. Because gas is free inside lotus root, can float is on surface, can sink otherwise in water. The lotus root gather up that will wave to go up in surface finally comes, carry again go selling to the market.

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