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The Pure Brightness of Jinan person is consuetudinary

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Pure Brightness is the 5th solar term in 24 solar term of Chinese. The ancients takes this solar term seriously very much, stayed a lot of interesting consuetudinary. Withhold in Jinan up to now have " go for a walk in the country in spring " , " pay respects to sb at his tomb " , " swing swing " , " insert willow " .

Go for a walk in the country in spring, also make walking tour in ancient times or travel faraway, make spring outing or outing now, it is " Pure Brightness " of season main and consuetudinary. Ancient time whenever this day, people gathers to make an appointment with friend in person, bring along with the young and the old, bear auspicious spring scenery arrives outskirts amuse oneself, surround next sit wild banquet, reach evening and return. Jinan picturesque scenery, the scenery is beautiful, every arrive tomb-sweeping day, spring scenery is bright, wind He Rili, 1000 Buddha are ascended south people, boreal You Minghu, by the side of outing, spring, if tourist is knitted. Of this kind of spring outing consuetudinary, withhold all the time now.

Pay respects to sb at his tomb, in solar calendar at the beginning of April 5, 6 days, the citizen is carried paper, sweet with hold a memorial ceremony for of offerings visit a grave to cherish the memory of the dead ancestor, buy land for ancestral grave, chase after read aloud an ancestor. Allegedly this one consuetudinary long-standing, began from Qin Dai, chinese generation is successive the Qin Dynasty is made did not change. Arrived Tang Dynasty, ability secures pay respects to sb at his tomb to be held in Pure Brightness. Of Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty poet " cold feed wild Wang Yin " write in one poem: "Outside door of grave ruins Guo, cold feed whose home to cry, wind blows moor paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead to fly, chun Cao of barrow again and again is green " , be scene of depict outskirt wild pay respects to sb at his tomb, arrived Song Dai, people is done obeisance to in Pure Brightness day sweep ancestor grave, city of Kyoto personage bend gives suburb, all around is like city. Today, tomb-sweeping day already became people recall heroic this day, drop read aloud die the family member's day.

Pure Brightness season, in Jinan urban and rural, still circulate those who swing swing is consuetudinary. Tomb-sweeping day this day, the men and women is old young, wear new clothes to be outside green Yang Shen, or in the square before the street, stumpage is frame, go up kasaya crossbar, 2 strings are suspended below, the horizontal stroke below the rope is fastened one board, the person is in board on can sit can stand, the hand holds two strings can fall on around drift, extremely rich fun. According to legend swings a kind of game that swing is northward Hu Ren originally. Period of the Warring States, when Liu post fair north is asked for, in just taking this kind of sport the Han nationality, come. Chinese, the Tang Dynasty since, multi-purpose in the emperor hind in palace and the garden animal farm of the noble that show an official, just pass folk gradually later.
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