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The Spring Festival

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At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar one, common says " spend the New Year " , it is the grandest festival in a year, service personnel has a holiday 3 days, civilian joy lasts half moon.

Say strictly, the Spring Festival is from first began at 10 o'clock, but inside a few days before this, happy atmosphere of the festival already enveloped an innumberable families. General other people is busy make a steamed bread, evaporate New Year cake, take meaning " annual tall " ; Acquire new bowl chopsticks, the implied meaning increases population; Sweep court, buy new clothes, in order to show decline old see the New Year in; Buy a fish to buy the pork, indicative and annual superabundant; Farmhouse has the person that grind an oar to do bean curd more, borrow homophonic " blessing " , desiderate adds up to a happiness. But in old times, poverty-stricken common people is in more leave right now avoid a creditor, common says " Tibet year " , have " be like,spend the New Year pass a barrier " say.

This day of before dawn namely firecracker of airing of views, domestic home uses 3 lettuce as far as possible (gallinaceous fish) deities of heaven and earth of hold a memorial ceremony for, receive expression of mammon, happy event, in order to take " unripe money " meaning. The family before dawn has boiled dumpling, dumpling is element stuffing more. Dumpling should be boiled more, must superabundant, meaning in superabundant head. When eating dumpling, the candy on much bag, earthnut, copper cash, red jujube, chestnut content in boiled dumpling, the person that the implied meaning is fed is blessed. After dawn, junior begins to wish a blessing a Happy New Year to elder, old times should salute, say hello to only commonly now, elder has candied photograph gives, pay young child " money given to children as a lunar New Year gift " , hope cheeper ins good health in safety in a new year. The door is strung together to pay a New Year call each other even between neighborhood at the same time, host all is entertained with smoke tea, candied, melon seeds, earthnut. In recent years, office group begins be current " the group is done obeisance to " . Greeting activity lasts long.

First this day one abstains from a lot of, one day does not sweep the floor, do not hit water, do not move needlework scissors, dietary do not burn, not bake in a pan, avoid has meat or fish, meaning take auspicious.

String together a be the Spring Festival in person significant activity, want to take a few gifts, it is commonly orderly " first the 3 aunt at the beginning of 2 wife's mother, first 4 first 5 see a friend " , last to the first month of the lunar year all the time 15, between close friend mutual fete, congratulate is fond of newly.

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