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Cold feed Pure Brightness

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Solstitial hind 105 days those who call is cold feed, spring equinox hind is Pure Brightness 15 days. Cold feed this day to ban fire, cold drinks and snacks. Historical record is to commemorate the meson when age pushs the Yu Mianshan that be burned by fire, jin Wen is fair give orders to repair fire to ban. Weather is right now fine, wind He Rili, it is picnicky wedding day, old common has go for a walk in the country in spring, fly a kite, swing swing, now scarce already. After new China holds water, pay respects to sb at his tomb is Pure Brightness the main activity of this one festival, folk has more on ancestral grave, add earthy custom to ancestral grave. The organization such as mechanism, school is in this day to organize pay respects to sb at his tomb of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs more, so as to undertakes revolutionary tradition is taught.

This day of people has Pure Brightness the habit that has the egg that boil, allegedly Pure Brightness eats egg eye to shine. Rich hill farmhouse boils cooked rice of millet of on one boiler this day to let bovine play knife and fork even in Pure Brightness, with reward a victorious army its pains of a year, call " meal ox " , have " dozen 1000, scold 10 thousand, pure Brightness day a bowl of meal " adage, all this day of oxen do not make battle, also forbid to beat and scold.


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