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In Feburary 2

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Cry again " Chun Long section " , have " Feburary 2, dragon looks up " adage. Old times country has more door door dozen " food crops store up " common, it is the morning at this day commonly, will hit by n/COL the head of a family person, scatter into one circle inside court with plant ash namely, the name says store up, a few food crops is put to be become namely again among, with pray good year. Worker of this day of coal mining does not leave a well, invite carouse Yu Shanye. After founding a state, this common is useless already, what compare be current now is the beans that fry scorpion, ate scorpion beans allegedly, be not stung one year by scorpion. Scorpion beans is fried with soya bean commonly make, some scorpion beanses still are stuck on candy face, some passes in the bubble in brine, sweet fragile goluptious. Still have a face beanstalk child fry together with scorpion beans. In addition, increased melon seeds, popcorn to wait again now, this is a of custom of the beans that fry scorpion new development.


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