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Demit kitchen

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The traditional Chinese calendar on December 23, civilian common says " spend off year " , pass go up to the sky to send kitchen gentleman the day of character issue, friend says again " demit kitchen " . Farmhouse is much with kitchen of park of millet straw, soja before, show kitchen gentleman groom, nice gentleman letting oven rides equestrian God, have a good journey. Melon of flour made from various kinds of beans, candy is offerred before kitchen gentleman resembles (candy melon meaning is in the mouth of clingy kitchen king, do not let his God missay) , and the talk about again and again in the mouth " God character is meddlesome, the Jiang Jixiang that answer palace, say dispute word less, bring food crops food more " . For stopping be about to kitchen gentleman resembles tearing down, with paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead, millet straw a burn-up, meant gentleman sending kitchen to go up to the sky. To the Spring Festival square new Tie Zaojun resembles. What Zi plain still has Bo Zao after demit kitchen is consuetudinary, go out stealthily namely conversation audition a person thinks cease blame, this is the involuntary discharge of urine that archaic lens listens to, " different of annals talking about fast " in have detailed account. This wind already stopped now, the convention that eats melon of flour made from various kinds of beans, candy only still is put, at the same time every family begins purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival. The person that go out comes home in this day more.

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