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Rich promotes the birthplace that the county is Lv opera. At the beginning of Ming Moqing of Lv opera traceable, by folk miscellaneous song ditty evolves to be the local type of drama that has distinguishing feature alone stage by stage. The music for voices in a Chinese opera of Lv opera and performance art are containing full-bodied rustic breath, a lot of outstanding a list of plays mirror an amorous feelings of Qi Lumin common racily, content health is lively, actor's part is humor and humorous, have taller ideological content and artistic quality, consequently suit both refined and popular tastes, be in our country not only northward popularity is very wide, and fashionable whole nation, become opera of a kind of of love to see and hear of millions upon millions masses distinguished place.

The drama of show of round past years of Lv opera of city, county wants to have independently: Traditional play " stepmother hits the child " " 3 dozens 4 persuade " , " Li Huaiyu borrows wife " " Wang Dingbao borrows when " , " borrow year " , " well platform is met " " husband's younger sister virtuous " , wait for nearly 20, contemporary play " remarry of Li Er elder brother's wife " , " small 2 black marriage " " the night mid-autumn " , " two sides of river of short for the Yihe River " , " be willing " , " half the sky " , " partition sister " , " Wang Xie have the groom move into one's house after the marriage " etc.

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