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Bohai Sea tom-tom

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Bohai Sea tom-tom is to touch village of home of the river that change a county to rouse book actor Wei Zunchang to be in on the west a kind of artistic form of the original creation on the foundation of river tom-tom, will east the melody be in harmony of the opera such as watchman's clapper of road tom-tom, Beijing opera, Heibei, quyi at among them, for bank the city is peculiar. Music for voices in a Chinese opera of Bohai Sea tom-tom is sodorous and euphemistic, simple is pretty, aid of firm soft photograph, sentimental, blame in order to sing " the Three Kingdoms paragraph " most famous. Air of Bohai Sea tom-tom is Protean, the basis behaves the need of content, from time to time of music for voices in a Chinese opera is forceful and intense, free and easy rises and fall, lingering of mild and indirect of from time to time is like running water rack, sound lasting appeal is boundless, circle bridge 3 days. The fame of Bohai Sea tom-tom not diameter and go, in develop a school of one's own of Qu Tan of an ancient name for China.

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