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Gold sweet peach

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Steel the city zone teems with gold sweet peach, flat peach of source of short of Wenshui River is famous in countrywide inside and outside, it is the whole nation's greatest gold honey peach produces base, area of total peach garden amounts to 40 thousand mus, produce per year fruit 72 thousand tons, name the countryside of ' gold sweet peach by national Ministry of Agriculture. With gold sweet peach. Flat peach of source of short of Wenshui River is bibcock, development went Gong Guanmi. Early sweet jade. The breed of more than 40 renown actor such as Cold Dew honey, registered trademark of ' of card of source of ' short of Wenshui River successfully, obtained province agriculture hall not to have attestation of produce of social effects of pollution.

Gold sweet peach with its big, juice is much, colour and lustre is good be famous in province inside and outside. Was saved by hall of Shandong province forestry, Shandong 2000 economic forest association names for " the countryside of gold peach " . Gold peach helps advance somebody's career the area amounts to 1340 hectare, produce per year a quantity to be many tons 30 thousand.

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