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Qu Fu Confucian temple, Kong Fu, Kong Lin

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In the southwest department that Shandong visits, an aperture surnames population to hold the prefectural class city of 1/5, she is having 5000 old and long histories namely " Oriental the Holy City " -- Qu Fu. "Chiliad ceremony happy Gui Donglu, eternally clothes and hat does obeisance to element king " Qu Fuzhi is famous in the whole world so, be linked together cheek by jowl with the name of Confucius. Confucius is one of the greatest philosopher on the world, the author of Chinese Confucianist school. In more than 2000 years of endless history endless flow, confucianist culture becomes lineal culture of China gradually, affect East Asia and southeast Asia each country, become the cornerstone of whole and Oriental culture. Qu Fu's Kong Fu, Confucian temple, Kong Lin, a general designation " 3 aperture " , it is Confucius of souvenir of Chinese past dynasties, the token that praise highly scholar learns, accumulate with rich and generous culture, collect carefully of long history, baronial dimensions, rich cultural relic, and scientific and artistic value and celebrated. Because its are in Chinese history and world the remarkable position in Oriental culture, and bequest of culture of the world that be labelled by U.N. Educational, be by common people homage one of 3 big the Holy City of world.

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