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Area of travel of zoology of lotus green hill

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Lotus green hill 99 dash forward peak, rise and fall in unbroken inside tens of square kilometer area, the flowers and plants on hill is spread all over, woods is thick, strange stone crisscross, danger of big pool deep channel, beasts of nearly 100 kinds of flyer plays cry noisy meantime. There is emperor city in the famous places and historical sites such as hill of relics of female city of vestigial, jade, big temple relics, tall anything shaped or functioning like a mouth, Dong Gushan, Xi Gushan and natural landscape, "Gu Cuishuang peak " for one of Gu Tengba great respect. Scenery of area of travel of zoology of lotus green hill is beautiful and grand and culture connotation is rich and generous, your tourist enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

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