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Wooden black lead child silvan park You Lecheng

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Wooden black lead child silvan park You Lecheng reposes in the look forward to austral park of forest of Mo Zi native place, it is Party committee of wooden stone town, government the travel latent capacity that to dig provincial Mo Zi general tacit understanding of native place forest reachs Mo Ziji to read aloud exterminate of house, eye to well balanced, raise company worker to reach all round masses culture lives, stimulative cultural and ideological progress, liven economy and the priority discipline of development.

Wooden black lead child silvan park You Lecheng only then built in June 1998, invest many yuan 400, it is collect sightseeing, recreational, go vacationing, the omnibus culture public place of entertainment that service of recreation, fitness, accommodation, food is an organic whole. Basically include: The children play cistern of area of the adult swimming-pool of area of 600 square metre, 1100 square metre and 1400 smooth advocate the drought ice stadium of riddle, guesthouse advocate layer of building second year in high school, build an area 1200 square metre, it is repast of room of a market, fitness the modern guesthouse that is an organic whole.

This You Lecheng falls in market economy new situation, ceaseless development expands, in May 2000, invest 3 million yuan again, developing the Eden on the southern water that builds 2600 square metre, it is to be in recreational recreational after building of the end of the year good place. You Lecheng year business income can amount to more than yuan 600, profit tax 680 thousand yuan, find a place for obtain employment personnel 140 people. This project satisfied the culture life need of worker, masses not only, and promoted the social stability, development that drove microeconomic.

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