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Area of travel of Mo Zi native place

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Teng Zhou is Mo Zi native place, person of each Teng city feels honored. Famous pundit, Chinese ink learns this no less than expert Cai Shang Sai is in " thinking of science of Chinese ancient time history theory " in what say in that way: "Major thought of Mo Zi and spirit, in Chinese thought it is extremely great on culture history, china gave a Mo Zi, be worth Chinese pride most! " in Teng Zhou on land of 1485 square kilometer, you can experience the enthusiasm of Teng city person is hospitable, kind-hearted and honest; The civilization that you can witness Teng city person is civilized, economical and laborious: What you can appreciate Teng state economy to build is prosperous, the change quickly that the city changes; Pass these, you still can experience Mo Zi " love interest 10 thousand civilian " the emersion of the thought, "With justice for benefit " the continuance of behavior, "Yue Hangzhong justice " the development of character, "Strong this husband " of goodness promote. Do you want to understand Teng Zhou? Do you want to approach Mo Zi? Do you want to enter the force of holy light? So, you come Teng Zhou!

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