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Jinan meal cate

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All previous is downhill sweet 8 happiness become wine shop
The address such as seafood, Lu Cai: Road of 1000 Buddha Shanxi 5

Chaffy dish of Mom of Chongqing the Qin Dynasty
Address of Chongqing chaffy dish: Classics 11 80

Small green pepper plain food shop
Authentic plain dish address: China dragon road 399

Article of drunk spring breeze enters seafood store below all previous
Location of vegetable plot of seafood, the daily life of a family: Big Ming Hudong the door

Grand sends chaffy dish city
Addresses of all sorts of footing chaffy dish: Normal school road 1

Off-street and deep restaurant
Location of and other places of dish of raise of the Huaihe River, Anhui dish, plain food: Aid small way and south crossing of outer shroud road

Europe land Brazil bakes butcher's
Address of authentic Brazil barbecue: Bank opening sequence 48

Shop of food of Shang Jialao Jinan
Location of vegetable plot of authentic Lu Cai, the daily life of a family: Date of 209-8 of old village ave

Day and predestined relationship restaurant
Advocate battalion seafood address: New residential quarter of willow of pasture of the area below all previous 5 areas 14

Langouste of Qing Heyun a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct
Plain dish characteristic: Water boils fish, water to boil address of bullfrog, langouste: 2 annulus east road 2138

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