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Jinan meal introduces

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Jinan with faint scent, fresh and tender, flavour pure celebrated, one dish blindly, 100 dish are not heavy. Using soup-stock modulation is the one big characteristic of Jinan dish.

Sweet-and-sour carp, kung-pao chicken, 9 turn large intestine, soup explodes pair of fragile, Pu Cai that suckle soup, south the Jinan name dish that bowel, jade writes down roast duck of braised chicken, Jinan to wait is widely known.

The gust with famous Jinan is fastfood have: Dumpling of fried dumpling, fill, dish cake of filar cake, candy revive thin pancake made of millet flour, Luo Han, money crisp, steamed honey 3 knives, boiled dumpling.

Cate street:

Jinan cate street (former classics 11 fastfood streets, visit a sports center nearly) : Gathered tens of domestic gust snack bar, the characteristic name actor that can provide each district of on 1000 kinds of whole nations is fastfood.

Barbecue of the Huis village a street

District of Jinan spring city -- Western-style food a street

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