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Jinan characteristic cate introduces

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Name: 9 turn large intestine

Introduce: It is the traditional name dish of Shandong Jinan.

Practice: pig large intestine (rectum) after classics rinse, spice uses boiled water to boil to hard crisp, take out cut paragraph, add soy, candy, flavor to wait flavor, made sweet fertilizer above all goluptious " large intestine of braise in soy sauce " , win the client's welcome, gradually famed at city. Improve somewhat again on the method that make later, be about to after abluent large intestine is thoroughlied cook into boiled water boiler, enter the blast in oily boiler first, add condiment and flavor to cook again next, make " large intestine of braise in soy sauce " flavour is more delicious.

A lot of notable all have when this inn fete " large intestine of braise in soy sauce " one dish. After refined scholar of a few bookman is fed, feel this dish really extraordinary, do not have taste, be fond of for please inn-keeper " 9 " addiction, praise chef makes this dish resemble Taoist school " red of 9 refine gold " spy of same energy industry, its more the name is " 9 turn large intestine " .

Name: Yellow River carp

Introduce: South maternal river economy of China, in this river be pregnant with is worn famous " Yellow River carp " , scale color is bright, build is bigger, make it dish is taken " the carp jumps dragon door " meaning. In Jinan, normally the Yellow River carp of make it acerbity sweet, garlic flavour is full-bodied.

Small stick person: According to local habit, after having a fish, end of head of meeting general fish, fish and dish in the boiling water of flavoring make it that remain, be called " head end soup " perhaps cry " thrash " .

Name: Hot pepper chicken is fourth

Introduce: Ding Yi of hot pepper chicken is fried quickly and fragile tender celebrated. Want to had made this food, oil is mixed more fire is big especially important, only such what fry ability urgently to maintain chicken is fresh and tender.

The main raw material of man of hot pepper chicken is gallinaceous man of course, other still have salt of earthnut, red thick chili sauce, white sugar, soy, green, ginseng oil of ginger, garlic, edible, saleratus.

Firing gallinaceous fourth color bright, entrance is sweet tender, earthnut is sweet at the same time fragile, fresh small salty.

Name: Screw cake

Introduce: The place of extraordinary was in helix cake to use peanut oil at it, is not animal oil. It is the cake of a kind of gyroidal shape, make by high grade flour, muffle has noodle outside.

Before make, if make,should pull a face to pull a dough thousands of extremely fine noodle commonly above all. Circle these noodle like the line to circular cake next, in rolling oil scamper comes half ripe. But slice edible, can scatter apparently on a few white sugar.
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