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Jinan characteristic dish introduces

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Name: Kylin horse breaths out a fish

Introduce: Kylin is one of fokelore of Chinese ancient time magical animal, body resembles a deer, on the head angular, scale grows on the body, always is Chinese people symbolizes luckily. This dish seems kylin reason as a result of appearance this gets a name. Select material careless the fish is the fresh water fish with better breed, fishbone is little, cruelly oppress is tender; Add garlic paragraph cook, flavour is quite delicate.

Craft: Make this food the most crucial be versed in in Yu Dao. Want to handle raw material above all, include the egg of careless fish, dry dawdle, dry bamboo shoot, egg, ham and mix up; Put them into the matrix of similar kylin, add ginger of water, salt, cooking wine, green, ginseng, reentry steam box lies between water steam.

This dish not only delicate, and good body and mind, enrich the blood and beneficial is lienal raise a stomach.

Name: Deepfry screw cake

Introduce: A kind of tradition that deepfry screw cake is Jinan is elegant and fastfood, the skin is fragile inside tender, green is sweet full-bodied. Fabulous cake of this kind of screw is more than 100 years ago transmit from Nanjing by 3 Xu brother. To satisfy taste of Jinan place people, the raw material of cake undertook reforming, xian Xiang's taste got immediately of Chinese northward people love. Give birth to enthusiasm grand from now on, people cries this cake to be even " Xu screw cake " .

Later a lot of cafeteria are imitated this cake, from now on the traditional distinguishing feature that deepfry screw cake became Jinan is fastfood.

Name: Jar flesh

Introduce: It is Jinan name dish, only then Yu Qing is acting. Contrive of this dish is restaurant of building of Jinan phoenix collect above all as it is said, it is about more than 100 years ago, this inn chef is added with pig rib flesh flavor and flavor, slow fire cook over a slow fire is boiled in altar of the magnetism that put a person and become, colour and lustre is ruddy, soup thick flesh is sodden, fat and not be bored with, taste faint scent, after people is fed, feel very dainty, this dish from this famous. Because the flesh uses magnetism altar to be stewed, friend name " jar flesh " .

Name: Oil explodes double fragile

Introduce: It is the traditional name dish with Shandong long history.

According to legend this dish only then Yu Qing acting metaphase, to satisfy the need of local VIPs, the chef of Shandong Jinan area is mixed with pig abdomen needle gallinaceous gizzard piece for raw material, via the knife labour is operated meticulously, boil oil explodes fry, will original must long boiled abdomen head and gizzard piece, mature quickly, mouthfeel is fragile tender smooth, qing Xianshuang mouth.

This dish comes out before long, famed at city, original name " explode double piece " , the client praises this dish later fragile tender, so incognito for " oil explodes double fragile " .
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