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Butyric cattail dish

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Butyric cattail dish is one of dish of soup of Jinan tradition gust. Elegant of milky white of this dish colour and lustre, dish is qualitative fragile tender, shang Xianxiang is mellow, it is the excellent Shang Cai of high-grade banquet.

The Pu Cai that this dish uses also says " Pu Sun " , it is old and aquatic herb. Our country each district all has produce, it is for the most part feral. Its dusk spring the tender root with unripe moment, after decorticating but as vegetable edible, person " Pu Cai " or " Pu Gen " . Dish of cattail of edible of our country people only then at two weeks, " The Book of Songs " in have " its are tender why Wei Sun and cattail " line, poet of the Southern Qi Dynasty thanks look into the distance from a high place to like to eat Pu Cai, had written " the cattail that chant " poem: "From from the cattail on water, knot water comes loose for bead, an ancient sacrificial utensil of Chu Meng solid carve, dusk pistil miscellaneous any of several hot spice plants is deep " .

The wine of carry on of green any of several hot spice plants that the Pu Cai that suckle soup uses, it is Shandong's distinctive dressing, its make a way is will clean Chinese prickly ash is patted broken, very light blue cuts fine end, add a few carry on wine to mix wet, chop becomes fine mud, rise green mud and Chinese prickly ash with gauze bag again, put in carry on wine to immerse to come 2 hours, eliminate cloth is wrapped, become namely " wine of carry on of green any of several hot spice plants " .

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