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Chrysanthemum chaffy dish

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Chrysanthemum is our country special local product, around of the section that weigh this world blossoms. Officinal but San Fengqing is hot, smooth liver bright eye, alexipharmic detumescence.

Chrysanthemum enters meat and fish dishes, can cook a variety of dish dots, drink. Chrysanthemum chaffy dish, its make a way is ignite chaffy dish, add soup-stock, after leaving but will bloated advocate makings rinse is ripe, the condiment that dips in to be made with end of end of leek end, potherb mustard end, pignut end, peppery face, garlic sprouts, hot pickled mustard tuber, sauce ginger end edible. When using a meal, put San of white chrysanthemum, spinach, blast child etc boil what feed fully, still can boil boiled dumpling, noodle to wait.

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