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Wei lane kite

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Wei lane kite is the whole nation's famed traditional handicraft, as eponymous as Beijing kite, Tianjin kite. There is the actor that makes kite technically early in clear acting middle period.

The characteristic of kite of Shandong Wei lane is: Modelling is beautiful, select material is exquisite, plunge into labour choiceness, configuration is distinct, bright and lustrous, subject matter is extensive, collect all sorts of craft and plastic arts beauty at an organic whole, dawn has rich Oriental craft color and intense agrestic flavor.

In recent years, wei lane kite has new development again, have not only on subject matter " Sun Wu is empty " , " which Zha is troubled by the sea " , " 2 Long Huzhu " the subject matter that waits for folklore, and still have " A Tongmu " , " mew " wait for foreign subject matter. Make those who be as long as nearly 40 meters nearly " centipede " , behaved the choiceness craft of Wei lane kite, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person.

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