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White skin garlic

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Lai overgrown with weeds helps advance somebody's career garlic history is long, cultivated garlic area to already amounted to 1400 mus 1935. Current, garlic cultivates an area to be in every year 100 thousand mus of above, crop 150 thousand tons. Garlic of Lai overgrown with weeds pledges with Bai Pi the quantity is optimal. White skin garlic is divided again for two breed, namely " become known skin " and " 46 valve " . The characteristic of garlic of white skin of Lai overgrown with weeds is: Garlic segment or section is large, output of liver mosses of garlic of the head of garlic is high, qualitative fine piquancy is sweet, fight cold force strong, rest period is long, be able to bear or endure store up. Began transfer to other localities to export 1962, certain reputation is enjoyed in the international market. Garlic of Lai overgrown with weeds pervades whole city, popular abroad and countrywide each district, praise by client of China and foreign countries.

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