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1000 Fosan the upper part of the body 40 students of United States of the city t

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Times on January 21 dispatch (reporter Lu Wen of Liu Jiang of reporter of Zhao Yan civilian) today, leave an area by our newspaper and all previous appoint the name of “ chant be handed down from ancient times that bureau of education of the area below propagandist department, all previous sponsors jointly piece, body realizes the beautiful ” activity of fontal city to walk into 1000 Fosan beauty spot. 40 students of bilingual experiment school read Jinan east according to hill, formed a beautiful view inside scene area.

9:30, children are punctual will to 1000 Fosan fall. Before a Gu Shijian is built, children in chorus chant " late night, the lamplight of 1000 Fosan " , those who pulled open an activity is prelusive.

“ every time in the still of night, all is quiet, I am taking the exhaustion of all over the body, it resembles the twinkle lamplight …… that always loves ground of for a long time to fix eyes on temple of this far hill Buddha to be transmitted a vernal spring breeze has waved, enough drive walks along your tiredness, enough waves the voice of book of the sound of reading aloud of children of ……” of Er dirt heart, accompanying the warm this world in wintry day, in far hill foil below, send more resonant.

Read an article, children cross center of pine forest, peach again, come to hole of 10 thousand Buddha by. Children begin “ to tell the ” of 1000 Fosan story that I know. The story …… children of Buddha of Qin Qiong's fokelore, Maitreya are on “ one by one downstage ” , the story that prepares oneself and classmates are shared.

10:5, children continue to ascend the stairs, well balanced to Tanghuai Qi Yanjiu of edge, “ nods ” memorial archway to be in later first. Each place, left children chant name piece sound.

10:45, children come to Xing Guochan by the temple. “ children, look, this is the fontal city beautiful scenery below our winter day. Zhang Shuhang of principal of bilingual experiment school and classmates admire ” Jinan east together the beauty that has Jinan city.

“ at ordinary times, it is dinkum will play, did not think of the today's activity that carry, still knew 1000 Fosan still have so much story, our city has so beautiful. ” chant clearance, student and a reporter communicate.

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