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Jinan to shack population deals with a temporary residence permit centrally

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Origin: Jinan daily

● hobo can enjoy multinomial citizen pay and service by the temporary residence permit

5 kinds of personnel should go to ● police station of dwelling place of of short duration explain get

Formalities of the person that ● individual is applied is all ready can get card on the spot

● must not employ with project unit the hobo that do not have card

The reporter learns from branch of Jinan city public security, since this day, mechanism of whole city public security will use time of 100 days, concentration is begun to shack population serves special operation.

The temporary residence permit involves flow to shack all sorts of lawful rights and interests of population, hobo can be enjoyed by this card hire, loan of safe, housing, buy a car to hang out one's shingle, the multinomial citizen pay such as education of obligation of car driver's license, children and service. Period of efficacy of temporary residence permit is the longest for a year; Dwelling place of the of short duration inside period of efficacy is changed or period of efficacy needs to continue to shack completely, ought to deal with the formalities that change testimony; Lose a temporary residence permit, should apply for to reissue new evidence; Leave dwelling place of of short duration, ought to deal with cancel formalities. Shack before population Wu is versed in, ought to sign written work contract with the unit that use worker worker or employer. Before renting housing house, answer to sign the written contract that rent with lessor, lawfully ego protection.

According to Jinan city regulation, the other place comes aid personnel lives 3 days in this city above, ought to apply to police station of public security of dwelling place of of short duration according to the regulation shack register; Year full 16 one full year of life, shack in this city time plans to exceed a month or plan to be engaged in the Wu labour, personnel that be in business in this city, should explain get a temporary residence permit. Specific for, 5 kinds of personnel must deal with a temporary residence permit: Provincial, city arrives inside Jinan administration area shacking personnel; Jinan city ward leaves seat of constant resident mouth to cross the staff that builds an area to shack inside region; Countryside is crossed inside area of Jinan city administration (town, agency) shacking personnel (build the personnel except that countryside, town, agency crosses to shack inside the area, its should be brought into send resident mouth to register administrative) ; Although,be stationed in registered permanent residence of graduate of source of student of other place of school of aid big technical secondary school, vestibule school already change returns ancestral home (contain hold " registered permanent residence is migratory card " not settle personnel) , but the staff that maintains Id of this city dweller to still shack in the our city; Be stationed in student of source of student of other place of school of aid big technical secondary school, vestibule school to be during school not of change registered permanent residence, police station of school place where troops are stationed should be done shack to register or those who hire a room to live is in beyond the school. Deal with " temporary residence permit " , require pay certificate cost of production 5 yuan.
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