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2007 " 10 big pioneers " the Jinan that stimulate raise travels

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2007, be who is the vitality with Jinan travel new infuse? Who be is to travel industry development brought edify and think? The model that who created Jinan tourism to grow quickly be? The answer expands the vanward business that makes contribution for Jinan travel namely! Yesterday, jinan travel developed prize-giving celebration of TV of vanward a list of names posted up to be held grandly 2007, the personage inside tourism and social community were witnessed jointly on the real contribution that the elegant demeanour of enterprise of a list of names posted up and they are the development of Jinan travel, Shandong travel to make.

On January 30 morning 10 when, prize-giving celebration opens in Oriental edifice. The industry such as bureau of tourism of the city zone of bureau of tourism of the area below guild of travel of province of bureau of Jinan city tourism, Shandong, all previous, all previous is in charge of a branch to lead, travel of province of Shandong university, Shandong plans to design the expert of the unit such as the academy, scholar, more than 100 delegates that reach area of Jinan part scene, travel agent attended prize-giving ceremony jointly.

Jinan travel developed list of company of a list of names posted up on vanward a list of names posted up to be announced formally on celebration 2007, they are respectively: One, the 9 chute that be like hill group beauty spot, reason of a list of names posted up is on " the area of travel of large omnibus scenery that last a period of time costs 100 million yuan 3 years to make, constructed ' 8 waterfall, 9 pools, 24 springs, 36 peaks ' core landscape, become 2007 most get the southern part that fix eyes upon a mountainous area new situation area " ; 2, beauty spot of water shade gorge, reason of a list of names posted up is on " scene area 2 period area of the 5 big garden after opening garden is perfect appear, accommodation of sightseeing of market modes of life and relation to their environment, meal, conference is recieved at an organic whole, it is Jinan south a mountainous area new one of 3 scene, jinan is new 2007 one of 10 scene, ' the peak of fontal city, bao dash forward source ' the new form that makes scene division " ; 3, international of the brigade in harbor (Shandong) company of travel agent Jinan, reason of a list of names posted up is on " 2007, china's biggest travel company aircraft carrier is garrisoned Jinan, brand of word of gold of the brigade in harbor, abundant actual strength backing, advanced company culture, achievement Jinan of another travel agent course of study get the person that run " ; 4, travel agent of international of culture of neat Lu Kongzi, reason of a list of names posted up is on " the chiliad that depends on Confucianist culture is accumulated, make top-ranking travel company meticulously according to the requirement of tall standard, tall start, emphasize make Confucius culture brand, it is the travel forerunner of character and culture, company concept is ' swim together with Confucius, swim surely in the right way ' " ; 5, car of Shandong Shun hair serves limited company, reason of a list of names posted up is on " the company has 4-50 cars of all sorts of small-sized and big, medium, advanced luxurious travel many 100, it is enterprise of home's advanced modern travel passenger transport, jinan city and even the arms of the person at the head of a procession that save travel automobile industry completely, ' Shun delivers a service, astral class is itinerary ' the service tenet that is a company " ; 6, Shandong Jia Huawen changes international travel agent, reason of a list of names posted up is on " the enterprise grinds one sword 10 years, by employee two people recruit more than 100 people, year recieve a quantity to be not worth 1000 people to develop more than 40 thousand person-time, it is travel company does Jinan mainland to make strong model greatly " ; 7, Jinan travel is distributing center center, reason of a list of names posted up is on " brand of travel of promotion spring city, perfect Jinan travelled 2007 the project of important travel foundation that serves a function, the citizen is own the sweet journey start of go on a journey, for Jinan travel infuse brand-new vigor " ; 8, area of scene of hill of Jinan gold elephant, reason of a list of names posted up is on " surmount ceaselessly, lotic brave is entered, the Oriental Eden of open 2007 east and confluence of height of project of western You Le, become provincial capital Jinan the happy base camp of particular distinguishing feature, oriental Dishini " ; 9, garden of amorous feelings of 9 bartizan nation, reason of a list of names posted up is on " grip good luck, innovate ceaselessly, ethical folk-custom is window, recreational ski is the area of scene of culture of people of large and integrated former zoology of an organic whole, jinan south is a mountainous area new one of 3 scene " ; 10, area of travel of clever cliff temple, reason of a list of names posted up is on " cultural relic of Ling Yan temple protected reparative project to be started in the round 2007, the chiliad with long history is ancient general of Buddhist templeput on the brakes from an onefold humanitarian landscape scenic spot the area turns an omnibus travel into the resort, return ' within the country 4 names Buddhist templeput on the brakes ' the elegant demeanour of first " .
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