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Outstanding travel website chose Jinan 2007 announce

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17 travel website with 8 advanced individual suffers commend

On March 5 morning, conference of job of Jinan city travel is in beautiful extremely big hotel is held. Jinan was announced on the meeting website of outstanding 2007 travel chooses a result, the 8 travel informatization such as the Jiang Weigang of 17 websites such as net of travel of Jinan long Qing Dynasty and limited company of travel of international of Shandong travel agent builds advanced individual to be commended.

Website of Jinan city outstanding travel chose an activity to will be started in October last year 2007, the attention that drew unit of numerous travel industry and sign up eagerly. Selection activity by city of bureau of Jinan city tourism, Jinan Information Industry bureau is sponsorred, telegraphic branch of city of association of Jinan information network, Jinan undertakes, this print is participated in assist do.

Obtain outstanding travel website choose " website of outstanding government affairs " of the title is: Jinan grows clear travel net; Obtain " website of outstanding electron business affairs " of the title is respectively: Jinan International Airport website of 96888 electrons business affairs, I swim website of travel agent of beautiful land of superior of Chinese net, 369 journeys net, Jinan, I swim China orders room net; Obtain " fine figure reveals a website " of the title is respectively: Website of beauty spot of gorge of shade of website of travel agent of youth of China of province of website of net of travel of cereal of red autumnal leaves, expensive friendly big public house, Shandong, water, country believes travel net; Obtain " optimal originality website " of the title is respectively: I swim China orders website of travel agent of international of culture of room net, neat Lu Kongzi; Obtain " award of optimal website layout " of the title is respectively: Net of travel of blessing Man Qilu, Shandong saves website of Chinese youth travel agent; Obtain " outstanding website bear build business " of the title is respectively: Net of hotel of website of travel agent of Lu Nengguo border, Jinan. Obtain " travel informatization builds advanced individual " 8 of the title advanced individual is respectively: The Liu of bureau of tourism of city of grave of the Shao Jianzhong of big public house of the Ma Jianxin of Oriental edifice of the He Gongwei of limited company of center of communication of learning of the Jiang Weigang of limited company of travel of international of Shandong travel agent, Shandong university, Shandong, expensive friend, chapter.

Chief of bureau of the tourism that occupy town introduces, choosing an activity this is an our city hold travel first the website is chosen, aim to carry this activity all-around the success that shows construction of website of our city travel, raise each county (city) the network application level of unit of industry of area tourism bureau, each travel and website service ability, stimulative government, enterprise establishs good image on Internet, health of informatization of travel of the network application consciousness that enhances citizen, tourist, stimulative our city develops in order.
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