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Jinan travel is made " of spring "

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Jinan daily on March 5 dispatch (Tao Dongye of reporter Zhao Yingming's trainee) the meeting of job of whole city travel that holds today puts forward, our city travel develops a target this year is: Welcome a visitor 22.88 million person-time, gross income 20.6 billion yuan, grow respectively compared to the same period 14% with 16% , recieve among them enter a country tourist 180 thousand person-time, achieve collect 81 million dollar, grow respectively compared to the same period 12.5% with 15% .

Conference requirement, will want program start off before the others henceforth, natural resources of comprehensive and integrated society, farther mining and integrated spring culture, history culture, folk-custom culture, religion culture and contemporary culture, implementation travel industry is pulled those who move is the biggest change. Make " of spring " brand, accelerate drive zoology of area of travel of culture of history of area of travel of fontal city center, the eastpart part, south area of travel of culture of zoology of recreational travel area, southwest ministry and upper Yellow River go vacationing the travel with 5 bright characteristic such as travel area piece area construction. Integrated travel circuitry, travel closely with father-in-law travel line, Kong Meng further the collaboration of the circuitry of provincial and famous travel such as line of line, water waterside travel and combination, abound travel product connotation ceaselessly. Integrated travel industry, change travel resource piece break up and travel market main body " small, weak, medicinal powder " state, spin industrial catenary, elevate value chain. Increase capital attraction strength, promote core of whole city tourism competition ability. Strengthen propagandist sales promotion, consolidate market of traditional passenger source, develop land of new travel passenger source.

Chen Xianyun of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor attends a meeting and speak.

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