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1000 Fosan " in March 3 " temple fair advocate dozen " storytelling is met "

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This year the traditional Chinese calendar " March 3 " (on April 8) , 1000 Fosan park will continue to hold traditional temple fair. The person that sponsor this year decides the grand opera lock of quyi activity storytelling, at the appointed time the tourist can watch what comprise by program of ten places quyi " storytelling is met " .

This second " storytelling is met " last a period of time 10 days, come 13 days from April 4, roll out in succession " storytelling is met " , " Shaanxi is fought beat " , " pentatonic play " the local quyi program that waits for dweller of Jinan this locality to see inaccessibly. Among them, "Storytelling is met " comprise by 12 local quyi programs that have distinguishing feature each, if beat of Manchu palace anise is sung, have those who fasten a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of Yu Dong north " clear palace a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast " storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect of performance, Suzhou, these programs gathered together almost the elite of northward folk quyi austral our country, actor gross will reach 40 more than person; Still have a special skill of the North Shaanxi that be called " fight beat " .

Besides, this year 1000 Fosan " in March 3 " during temple fair, the park still arranges breath of colour of ashen having native place, life eye of grumous classical and pentatonic opera, farther contented people " ramble temple fair, watch big show " need. The park returns the folk-custom technology that cannot lack surely in traditional temple fair, place fastfood wait for delimit to give special area.
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