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Ten more new Old Town "Jinan taste"

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People than the name of the compound spring meaning more abundant spring water, listening to music offers much to think of Lake ... ... 10 15, "Old New Ten" selection seminar was held in Shandong Business Daily, the experts from the tourism sector, "the old City new sites "offer advice and suggestions, or summarized, or renamed improved, so that the new Old Town Ten more" Jinan taste. "

Experts agreed to

Spring people to vote

"Spring water springs name of the compound more than others meaning." Tourism Development Research Center of Shandong Province, Vice Chairman, Shandong University professor Wang Chenguang proposed name of the compound should be changed to spring family spring. Now the tourism industry where competition is not competition in a few spots, but a city competition. Bluntly speaking, in the country's capital city, Jinan combination of landscape and humanity, is irreplaceable.

Although the spring of others does not rank, but the selection of the Old City of Ten is not new only temporary, but also stand the test of history, which, the experts reached a consensus agreement for the spring people voted.

Water tankers and other attractions around the wetland

Integrate the "floating restaurant around"

Baotu Spring Park Service Deputy Director Rong Linan said that the selection of the Old City of Ten should be the new authoritative, representative and balanced, some content can be summarized, such as wetlands water tankers, springs waterfall, the pro-Quan Square, black Tiger Spring water points and so can serve as a floating restaurant around the moat important, as extraction of boats around the moat as the new Ten content.

"Wetlands of the Jinan people in terms of water tankers may be novel, and very good, but this view is widespread in the South." Ren Xiao Rui mentioned in her speech, Heihuquan intake point of a visitors from Guangdong, does not feel strange, not selected for the new Ten representative, but these spots can be summarized into the boats that travel around the moat to a large landscape.

Lake living is only a building

"Lake to listen to song" more "Jinan taste"

Experts believe that the Ten should have a new old town is very easy to remember, transmit, and can lead to Lenovo's name, allowing visitors to be impressed Jinan, Jinan, outsiders have never been there to hear the impulse Jinan , which, Rong Linan said Lake home is too realistic, Lake listening to music can be used for a scene, it can also be found in history, origin, culture, Daming Lake is well represented.

Zhang Xiaoguo said that home is very near the clock tower from the Lake, Lake can listen to music into a presentation to the King, the guide can also be more abundant, detached floor is too realistic, and detached Zhiyuan can be a King. Lake listening to music, Seven Bridges Temptress Moon, detached Zhiyuan, the Lake District along with three development and construction of the emergence of the landscape, are the undisputed experts.