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General Assembly to promote destination area travel e-commerce application of

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In recent years, many have begun to try to implement e-commerce area, and from the original simple websites, improve the comprehensive consideration of site operators and online marketing. In this process, new technologies tend to become e-commerce area Important to promote the development of such third-party payment technology, electronic tickets and so on. 2010 China (Beijing) Conference and travel destination of e-commerce Internet Marketing Forum will be December 2 -3 held in Beijing, this meeting by the Tourism e-commerce and tourism information technology research institutions intellectual power to initiate and group travel Organizations. Learned from the organizing committee, the introduction of new technologies and share how the new technology into the destination area will become one of the highlights of this meeting. Ctrip, the same way network, way cattle and other online travel sites travel through rapid increases in call center business processing capabilities, industry peers for all to see, some area have begun to try to build a call center for tourists Provide better service. Mount Dujiangyan scenic Qingcheng recently set up their own call centers, and tourists in the area established between the high-speed smooth information exchange platform, to accelerate the area of information and service system A comprehensive manner. The platform covers the travel advice, complaint handling, emergency rescue, scenic description, etc. information, call the tourist area as long as phones can get advice and assistance in information and other services. King District through the call center layout, do not miss the one hand, on the basis of the telephone, to ensure timely communication with the visitors; the other hand, can improve the area efficiency of the shortest possible time will help to enhance brand image area. With the popularity of the promotion of 3G, mobile Internet to become the new hot spot. As the mobile application flexibility, more suitable for the course in tourism visitors find tourist information, real-time sharing travel experience, through the mobile browser site Download the application software has become increasingly the choice of many visitors. Scenic tourist destination and how to face the changes brought about mobile Internet, and through the application of related technologies to better serve tourists and for marketing it? The Organizing Committee invites the General Assembly and other mobile phone platform for the IPHONE to develop applications of the professional company introduced "destination mobile Internet solution", it is learned that the company has developed over the park for the World Expo tour that South procedures, in the tourism industry has a wealth of experience. Travel E-Commerce General Assembly has been adhering to the "integration of e-tourism," the purpose of the arrangement of new technologies, new applications related to the agenda when the full account of the implementation of tourist destinations and attractions related to technical feasibility. Select the conference theme of the new technology to build the tourism call center, tourist destination mobile Internet solutions, electronic payment and e-ticket area programs, are no longer laboratory products, but in part to Land and the practical application of new technology area. I believe that through the implementation of these success stories and technical service units in the common introduction, participants will have use of relevant technology to improve their own level of confidence in e-commerce. 2010 China (Beijing), the General Assembly also voted best travel e-commerce travel information service provider, hopes to promote this form of e-commerce technology companies concerned with tourism and travel information, the formation of new technology in the tourism Industry, new applications.