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Jinan Office "countryside tourism project" Huinong

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"Travel" ride "Post", the "Travel to the countryside works" quickly spread. Up to now, Shandong Province, Jinan City Post Office has organized more than 1,500 people this year to experience "travel to the countryside", to the farmers received vegetables and fruits picked Into the nearly 10 million. "Travel to the countryside engineering" is included in Jinan City "three rural" work to support the scope and benefits of agricultural projects to help peasants in the people, relying on the tourism sector in the rural tourism development, product organizations, tourist organizations and quality control, The advantages and the postal sector in urban and rural outlets, logistics, information flow, capital flow, and other areas around the people "travel to the countryside" and "farm town" two aspects of demand, "hospitality Shandong, Post Tour Village," the main Problems, development of "mu pastoral matter how you travel," and "gift packages of agricultural products into the city," the two key products, and promote a new socialist countryside construction. Urban and rural areas throughout the branch office of the Post, the "three rural" service station "travel to the countryside project" provides a good landing platform. Currently, Jinan Bureau has set up 48 urban "travel to the countryside" service outlets, a "travel to the countryside "Service centers, and the southern mountain areas are all postal outlets as" travel to the countryside, "the designated reception center at the same time, the establishment of the 30 seasonal picking base. As a "countryside tourism project" one of the organizers, Jinan Bureau on the one hand multi-contact customer resources, and guide the urban residents to the countryside tourism, have been organized to "travel the countryside" more than 40 batches, more than 1,500 people, on the other hand full Improve the urban and rural areas using postal distribution system, set up "two-way logistics" bridge so as to bring the countryside into the city and the tourism products promoted simultaneously. According to statistics, since the development of "travel to the countryside works," since, Jinan Board to help farmers Contact Sales Cherry 500 kg, 1,000 kg of peach, apple and 1,000 kg 4,000 kg of vegetables, to nearly 10 million farmers income.