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Tiantangzhai create a national 5A tourist attraction for the official start of

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To further enhance the quality Tiantangzhai tourist attractions to enhance the core competitiveness of area and speed up the development of tourism, November 26, Jinzhai County, the county held a special tour of the Economic and Tiantangzhai 5A class tourist attractions to create the national mobilization meeting, call the county with the full support and cooperation of the Provincial Tourism Group, the use of two years or so, the implementation of Tiantangzhai area 5A class tourist attractions to create the work. Mobilization of the General Assembly convened, sounded Tiantangzhai create a national 5A tourist attraction for the strong horn! To further enhance the scenic quality Tiantangzhai, Jinzhai County in accordance with the "party-led area-based, sector participation, rural linkage, solid work, determined to win" the general requirements, control the national 5A standards for class tourist attractions, and strive to use about two years time, to ensure that Tiantangzhai create a national 5A class tourist attractions. From now on, Jinzhai County and Tiantangzhai area will focus on infrastructure construction, comprehensive grasp of the hardware standards; to improve the service functions as the focus, earnestly supporting the construction area; to regulate the increased focus prominence travel industry management; to focus on comprehensive improvement, efforts to improve the tourism environment, thereby increasing the visibility of scenic Tiantangzhai and influence in an effort to fight the Tiantangzhai a "people-oriented strong, excellent tourism environment, visit content rich, All services, culture thick, competitive products, tourism and economic activity, "the integrated area, and make it one of the famous tourist destination. Jinzhai county clerk, county director of the Standing Committee of St sand tiger, Magistrate Sharon level, County Council Chairman Shi Liansheng, the county party secretary of the Standing Committee, deputy director of the Lv Xianzhong four groups such as the main person in charge of party members Provincial Tourism Bureau, Inspector Wu Hao, deputy general manager of storage Tourism Group Company of China, attended the meeting. At the meeting, Jinzhai County Standing Committee, Xu Jianmin, vice governor announced the "creation of national AAAAA Tiantangzhai class tourist attractions plan"; County Standing Committee, Experimental Poverty Tiantangzhai Tourism Zone for the county tourism director Zhang Pingsheng work report; gold Sand St Fort county party secretary Hu, Magistrate Sharon delivered an important speech level, respectively. Provincial Tourism Ministry of Tourism Development Corporation General Manager, Tourism Development Corporation chairman Chang Yung Tiantangzhai, County Tourism Bureau Chiang long poem, Paradise Zhaizhen and Tiantangzhai party secretary Tang Yulong Gu Jianhua, general manager of tourism development and other relevant units responsible respectively In the General Assembly made a stand to speak. Anhui Tourism Ministry of Tourism Development Group General Manager, Tiantangzhai Tourism Development Corporation chairman Chang Yung in his speech, pointed out: Since 2004, the Group took over the operation of Anhui Tourism Tiantangzhai area since the area planning in the preparation of high quality, based on the heaven Village area with red and green stick to the road, after six years of rapid development, has been basically formed Tiantangzhai scenic waterfalls and scenic valleys each other, cable Tiantangzhai Hing Resort and complement the museum and memorial each other, sliding cable and high-altitude valleys along the cliff side by side The area pattern. Following the Tiantangzhai been approved as national parks and national nature reserve, the Tiantangzhai Scenic Area and in 2007 the national 4A grade tourism area among the ranks and become the Dabie Mountains (National) Geological Park, the main park. Zhang Rong, said in his speech, Comrade: Create 5A class tourist attractions, is not only a need to establish a brand image Tiantangzhai is Tiantangzhai area is restricting the development of break the "bottleneck", even more is to integrate tourism resources, and promote economic development, tourism Jinzhai needs. Group attaches great importance to this work, to start building work Tiantangzhai 5A level scenic spots as an important task this year, launched the "Building organizational structure, strengthen the responsibility assessment, increase capital investment, strengthening the software construction" and the eight work initiative, set up a leadership group, integrating merged three subsidiaries within the area, and to create a work area Tiantangzhai 5A level Tiantangzhai Tourism Development Corporation as a three-year term, general manager of the main objectives. We will be convening the mobilization meeting as an opportunity to build the Provincial Tourism Corporation, Jinzhai Tiantangzhai scenic county government and all sectors, strengthening the overall coordination, establishment of special inspection system, a clear division of tasks and responsibilities, develop assessment and incentives and disincentives to accelerate the Tiantangzhai 5A class tourist attractions to create the process. We will actively promote the standardization of hardware construction and tourism services, standardization, and further improve the reception facilities, and effectively improve service quality, rich in tourism products and gradually increase the area management, and continuously improve scenic quality, and strive to create a beautiful scenery Tiantangzhai, management practices , the product is rich, the famous tourist attractions passion to achieve social, economic and ecological benefits of coordination linkage development. Jinzhai County, the township party and government is mainly responsible person (heaven Zhaizhen party committee and government team members), the main person in charge of the county economic development zone, the township is in charge of people, Tiantangzhai Tourism Development Corporation and members of management team of more than 300 people attended the mobilization General Assembly.