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U.S. private space tourism spaceship see the dawn of a successful first flight

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U.S. private company Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) of the "Dragon Road" on Wednesday successfully launched space capsule and return to land, is the first in the history of aerospace from the private sector to complete the journey. "Dragon Road" can carry 7 people, holds a huge success this means that we are from the popularization of space tourism, a step forward. NASA also the "Dragon Road" R & D achievements of those people and business aviation pioneer Charles? Lindbergh compared. This is a SpaceX and NASA cooperative program, the launch site to Cape Canaveral, Florida. At 15:43 GMT (Hong Kong Thursday, 4:43), the shape appears to bullets "Dragon Road" finally by a giant space capsule, "Falcon -9" rocket launch, about 10 minutes after into Earth orbit around the Earth in low orbit to return after two weeks of the atmosphere, in the end 19:04 GMT (8:04 am Hong Kong) fell on the Pacific Ocean. On the next manned space station This is the first time in the history of the private sector so that the spacecraft around the Earth and intact landing on Earth, SpaceX and NASA said it was a perfect trip. SpaceX founder elon? Musk told a news conference: "I am a bit in a semi state of shock. I hope I can take in this moment the expression of feelings. The success of this makes me overjoyed, I did not describe my heart. "Director of Space Chase? Bolden described as" Dragon number "will be equivalent to the importance of aerospace Lindbergh on the importance of business aviation. "Dragon Road" is not manned during this flight, but it can actually take the set 7, and has a very spacious cargo hold. The flight, showing the "Dragon Road" have the ability to launch, and "Falcon -9" rocket separation, around the earth, send messages, receive instructions and complete ability to land on Earth. SpaceX's next step is to make "Dragon number" 9.7 km outside the International Space Station flew over at an estimated period of 5 days. Then, the "Dragon Road" will be manned loading to the International Space Station. These two tasks are scheduled for 2011. Most of the present global space projects funded by national governments, but also the only country to fly in space 5. But in 2009, after Obama became President, determined to encourage private enterprises to enter the space market, the United States to promote the commercialization of space activities, space flight, controlled by the government hopes to commercial operations. NASA space shuttle instead of December 2008, NASA in the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program and signed a paper SpaceX 1.6 billion (124 million) contract, SpaceX in 2016 or before will be provided to the Department at least 12 containing 20 tons of cargo spacecraft. NASA space shuttle will be retired next year, permanent, "Discovery," "Atlantis" and "Endeavour" will be Museum's holdings are. Obama hopes that the Department developed a new generation of space shuttles before the private sector can, took delivery of supplies to the International Space Station. In the transitional period, the United States will rely mainly on the International Space Station using Russian "Soyuz" rocket. In addition to "Dragon Road", the current global commercial spaceship to another series is developed by the British Virgin Galactic "spacecraft number." 2004, "SpaceShipOne" three times into space, becoming the world's first one developed by the private enterprises manned spacecraft; December 2009, launched Virgin Galactic, "SpaceShipTwo", the spacecraft is at 18-24 months of test period. However, "SpaceShipTwo" can not afford to fly to the International Space Station this height.