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Zhangjiajie docking would like to see the "four modernizations two types" cre

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Zhangjiajie's "Landscape Volume", is the nature given to Zhangjiajie, and also give people in the world a "paradise." People not only to enjoy her "infinite beauty", but also gave rise to endless reverie space, how to Zhangjiajie to become more beautiful, more attractive, more appealing? A series of methods to ferment in the minds of netizens , foam, looking for the opportunity to own "good ideas" and Zhangjiajie's "number one" butt butt, and the majority of Internet users to share share. December 21, Red Net User Observation Mission "Xiaoxiang new movement - the chorus 'four Hunan'" Party Secretary Hu Bojun Zhangjiajie dialogue, users have to get such an "opportunity", and has been the development of party secretary in Zhangjiajie the depth of the "decryption" (see red tennis), friends and talk with the secretary of ideas, development has been unusually active, enthusiastic interview ever, people's confidence high. How online friends from the dock "Four two types of" ideas, that is, "new-type industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, the information" as the basic way to speed up economic development mode, building "a resource-saving and environment-friendly" social . Especially for such a world tourist products Zhangjiajie city how to make "more environmentally friendly"? "Resource more economical and more sustainable development? Is an insurmountable" topics. "Continue to seize and how the" second five year "period important strategic opportunity? how to Zhangjiajie to go more green, more environmentally-friendly development path? how to strengthen and expand tourism in Zhangjiajie? make world-class brands? so many topics, does not want to "warm" I'm afraid too difficult be. Of course, on how to Zhangjiajie, a world-tourist products, nature is the public that the public reasonable, rational woman and she said, each have their own "road." Zhangjiajie City as the "number one" Hu Bojun nature is "with confidence" in his mind, has long been in accordance with the "four modernizations two types of" standard depicts a beautiful good "blueprint" for a "building site" can refer to the proposal, can learn, can be adopted, but if the sure thing, and that is how to make the environment more beautiful, how satisfied visitors, how to let people get more benefits? Only make the environment more beautiful to attract more tourists to come, so that visitors satisfaction in order to retain customers in order to enlarge and strengthen the tourism industry so that people get more benefits, they can take good care of their own eyes, like love, like Zhangjiajie landscape, to make the environment more beautiful. This cycle continues, there is reason to believe that a new round of Zhangjiajie will grasp the "important strategic opportunities", to Zhangjiajie into a world tourist products.