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Jinan is optimal travel time

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7, 79 months, jinan rainwater is most, occupy the half above of annual fall, other month precipitation is not much. Enter by the winter spring, jinan air temperature is elevatory very fast, average January air temperature only - C of 1.7 ° , will achieve C of 15.1 ° April. Average July air temperature is C of 27.6 ° , highest air temperature exceeds day the opportunity of 35 ° C does not exceed 10 days on average. 8 make an appointment with every months to October with 5 drop to speed of C of 6 ° , october is average air temperature already fell to C of 15.8 ° , than spring April slightly tall. Jinan winter slants than around area warm. Have every days of day of about 10 days every year, distributing in November the first ten days of a month comes immediately following in time year in April between the first ten days of a month.

Swim Jinan, but spring outing Bao dash forward spring, winter scene of snow of You Daming lake. But Jinan winter cold summer is hot, spring sand blown by wind is big, optimal travel time is autumn.

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