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Copy hill is fabulous

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Copy hill is the humanitarian resort with one divine place, circulating here a lot of beautiful fokelore. Pick now a few, in order to provide dinner for reader.

The fokelore of Yu money

One belt has copy mountain so a lot of elm, early spring seasonal, one string strings together pale green Yu money to make the food that common people treasures.

As it is said, peace and tranquility of Northen Song Dynasty allows a country year, lu Xina big drought, local official has in rain of copy hill pray more effective. Too Zong Huang emperor reads aloud Zhen Duo of Cao father's younger brother bless civilian have rendered great service, along with add seal him to be Lu Xifeng lustre Hou, Jin Long 4 king, so folk says Zhen Duo of Cao father's younger brother as form of a address for an official or rich man for king. The emperor still bestows a large number of money, for Cao father's younger brother Zhen Duo rebuilds body of gold of temple, heavy model. Wait for resplendent and magnificent Cao Bai ancestral temple after new completion, still the rest of part money. King father sends a word: "All more than money comes loose copy hill. " spread all more than money then Xiang Fangshan all around. As a result of more than money and Yu money homophonic, hamadryad did not listen clear, regarded more than money as Yu money lets it be all round copy hill rooted and gemmiparous grow elm, written guarantee every year a golden Yu money.

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