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The story of San

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Speak of San, every Linyi person can be told to you give a paragraph of one Duan Xiaogu job about it. Circulate the most extensive old practice is, san is the food of a kind of breakfast of archaic the Western Regions originally, original You Yuanchao is managed to short for the Yihe River of advent of the Huis couple mostly, carry forward gradually later, denominate of Ming Dynasty period is San (s a ) .
Story one: "San " name and Qianlong emperor are concerned. When the word says Qianlong emperor issues Changjiang Delta, when be being pressed down through present Tan city commercial and transportation center, want to taste the name that tastes place to eat, local official offerred the breakfast with this kind of unique flavor come up, qianlong father is tasted, how had never drunk so nice stuff, blurt out asked: "Is this what (San) ? " local official is busy nod: "This is what (San) , this is what (San) . " accordingly, the blurt out of the emperor asked to become its present name -- ― San.
Story 2: When the Eastern Jin dynasty, come to Linyi to out at the elbows nonlocal couple flee from famine, of the big calligrapher Wang Xi at that time see they are very pitiful, often give financial help to they, 2 people of connubial are touched very much, be unable to repay. Once, wang Xi's disease, 2 people feel the opportunity that pay a debt of gratitude came, but what staying to lay in the home a one hen was killed do boiling water, added a few common drive cold Chinese herbal medicine in soup. This wanting that cook chicken a few more soddenly, the man that can see fire was asleep, do not think soup was boiled one all night. The following day, look at boil the chicken broth that gets black, the wife is very angry, there can be other thing again in the home, be forced boil " burnt " chicken broth sent Wang Xi. What say Wang Xi again is original be ill abed, took Chinese traditional medicine ill also somewhat improvement, but buccal dry tongue is bitter, without appetite, look at the chicken broth that delivers, feel embarrassed again stroke one of the family well-intentioned, fill on one bowl to taste, did not think of this is drunk, immediately expression enrages bright, disease became good largely, one fashionable rises, write down along with portable pen " rice is joined " 2 words, arrived later, later generations weighs it to do San.

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