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Maple page became red -- You Fenghuang hill has feeling

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Maple page became red -- You Fenghuang hill has feeling

When reading, it is injury autumn very, what wish to see least of all is the setting of Xie Sui driftage, it is the experience be indignant of leaf for a time, always feel tree is too merciless. The heart thinks, leaf spelled final beauty for the tree, but, still be abandoned finally by tree however, melt into the corrupt earth of unmanned favor. Then, every time the autumn comes, deciduous leaf adrift when, the heart is met sad unceasingly. Sometimes, alone person goes on alley, experiencing blast blast autumn wind, one tightens cool meaning to come over, know deep autumn the footstep is closer and closer. Hang high still yesterday at branch, the leaf of green meaning intoxicate, now, appearance is already withered and yellow, in rustling autumn wind, wrapping Qiu Yu, adrift are worn, fall into a pond in, wave in brushwood, fall to the side of the road, unmanned make inquires... every time this moment, the cool meaning that mind soaks, let a person be unable to bear or endure dozen cold quiver, pathos already was thorough head penetrative. Sometimes, be in the place of nobody, also learning Lin Daiyu bury to spend, fall at to be scattered then land, sere yellow the fallen leaves that be defeated makes sweet surname. It is in the heart croon: "Hairspring soft department waves Chun Xie, fall garrulous is touched gently attack embroider shade. Pity spring goes suddenly to angry suddenly, come to be not heard again dumbly... "

Absentminded two carry the past, had entered not of be puzzled year I, the be fond of that handles a thing also had very big change. Be opposite in the heart alone only the family dependant pity of leaf, it is a bit was not decreased however, it is some more only gasp in admiration, little a lot of sentiment.

Ignore a day, window of 4 buildings sitting room is lived in in west hill village small rest, look up far look, the scene of all previous hill, all stop eye ground. What change summer is lush and green, all over the mountains and plains, it is the red of a be charmed making a person. Ah! Imperceptible, already was fall October, all previous hill below blue sky white cloud, was flushed by all over the mountains and plains maple leaf, just like dress and make up waits for married bride, radiant, charming beauty is moving, even more find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

The maple leaf of all previous hill is already enough but of the person, but, visit phoenix hill, compare with the maple leaf photograph of phoenix hill, you can feel the maple leaf of all previous hill is inferior many. Lean on a window, enjoy maple part of a historical period remotely, had indissolubled the view of close to maple leaf side extends wish in the heart. Then, on the weekend, drive car and domestic person together, go visitting phoenix hill. Distance of about 20 minutes, we approached phoenix hill, each when the red autumnal leaves that enjoys Na Manshan to the top of one's bent brings are filled with exultation.
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