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Pu Songling

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(1630 or 1640 ~ 1715) , zhuang Ren of home of Zi plain cattail, the word leaves celestial being, lay Buddhist of date willow spring, the life calls Liao Zhai the gentleman. Pusong age one's previous experience at merchant family, rare article name, 19 years old with respect to pass an entrance examination scholar, but try repeatedly later not, life be frustrated, make a living in order to do tutor and assistant to a high official. Pu Songling is fond of imperial examinations, dan Yuyu is not gotten annals, take an examination of till the ability when more than 70 years old on tribute is unripe, of official career do not make him right flexibly imperial examinations of the system unreasonable the knowledge that having profundity. Pu Songling likes folk literature, he sets tea collect folk songs at roadside, collect many folktale, combine him to be known to the experience of world situation, official circles, try to process creative work again, be written finally into 40 more than word " different of annals talking about fast " . Author with depict fox ghost romaunt is given priority to, used the creation technique of romanticism, disclosed actual darkness, this " float holds a pen in vain " and write " the book of Gu anger " , artistic achievement reached the highest peak of short story of Chinese ancient classical Chinese. Divide " different of annals talking about fast " outside, pu Songling still is written have 4 collection, 6 peotry anthology, 3 kinds of operas, music of 14 kinds of common vulgar, two miscellaneous, these work by today person collect is become " Pu Songling collect " one book.

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