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Eat candy to be able to divide tinnitus by plane

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Go out by plane row, a lot of people have auditive unwell to feel, and a lot of people criterion by dizziness, have a headache, disgusting, be perturbed and backache wait for a symptom and perplex. To this, medical expert reminds, long by air, eat candy to be able to alleviate tinnitus.

Raise certain height when the plane, because the outside enrages depress, the atmospheric pressure inside eardrum is more than atmosphere, make the protruding outside tympanic membrane, ear has bilge to feel uncomfortably completely, bring about audition to drop. When the plane drops, the pressure inside tympanum under atmosphere, the defect inside tympanic membrane, can cause tinnitus and ache.

Medical expert reminds people, if by plane when often take some of candy, do not break masticatory, deglutition, make pharynx rouses a canal to be opened in the mouth of nose pharynx ministry, air can tympanum of free pass in and out, atmospheric pressure of tympanic inside and outside can poise effectively, stimulative tympanic membrane restores and keep normal, alleviate thereby tinnitus disease.

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