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Face Qu strange stone

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Hill of the county that face Qu is in the majority, geological structure is complex, the tall point of view that with Yan Shan athletic period forms ruptures give priority to, it is drape structure next. Rock basically has gneiss, mixture granite, arenaceous qualitative grey cliff, grey conglomerate, basalt to wait, contain is worn rich strange stone resource.

Gong Sishi fastens calcic qualitative fine sandstone. Grain is even, qualitative firm and embellish. Colour each different, grain day is become, 1000 appearance 100 condition. Current and common have land of red yellowish filament, amaranthine brown silk, red brown violet silk, violet black silk, blame with Huang Degong silk, violet black silk person to go up

- - stone of the colour that face Qu belongs to deposit cliff, be intermingled of jade of hard and exquisite, stone mixes its stone natural, structure is wonderful.

- - face Qu too lake stone distributings more in churchyard southwest the ministry is a mountainous area. Color with green, red, Huang Wei much, model with thin, leakage, knit, fully, beautiful to lead, configuration is vivid, pretty and natural, elegance of of primitive simplicity, full of humour and wit.

- - face according to legend of Qu violet inscriptions to have a garrison post curtilage, avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, protect say in safety, get of masses love. This stone shows purple, viridescence decorative pattern, have fabaceous green round eye, contain pupil child, dizzy 3, 5, some place reflect day of extensive silver-colored bit.

- - divide this, still have 1000 chelonian stone, rings stone, swallow stone, stone, stalactitic, Yishan jade of hill of stone, fleabane, to at present, already discovered have rock of more than 80 more than 10 series, breed, magnificent and magical, view and admire, economic value is quite high

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