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Ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds crops the history long, in year period already be current helps advance somebody's career, according to already having 2000 old histories today. In " the analects of confucius " , " Qi Min wants art " , " say civil " there all is account in waiting for ancient books. Ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds has colour and lustre golden, glossy is bright, piece book of big, skin, flesh fine, silk little, pear nurturance of thick, battalion divides hot, flavour tall, be able to bear or endure store up, be able to bear or endure far carry, in enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally. Had the honor to win national Ministry of Agriculture 1985 award of high grade product, 1960 the whole nation " 3 hot " the conference is held in Lai overgrown with weeds, be decided to be rare product, ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds already enrolled courtyard of Chinese farming division " Chinese vegetable is admirable breed " one book, 1997, the city zone of our city Lai by China the countryside of characteristic is recommended and propaganda organizing committee names for " the countryside of Chinese ginger " . Ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds contains $ of amylaceous 8.88$Cts % , solubility candy 4.76$Cts % $ , $ of % of thick albumen 9.68$Cts, $ of % of 3.8$Cts of crude fibre element, naphtha 0.25 milligram / 1 100 grams, all ginger of breed of other of prep above whole nation. Ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds and its ginger goods year export volume amounts to 75 million kilograms, year export Jiang Ya 2.15 100 million, in the country sale in domestic market visits town toward 29, basically sell the past Japan, southeast Asia, Korea, United States, country such as Russia in abroad, year exit forehead 137 million yuan. Use of ginger of Lai overgrown with weeds is extensive, the spice with very good since, dressing, also be very good Medical Protection is tasted; Already but chowchow, souse, also can machine drink of alcoholic drink of pink of juice of Cheng Jiangya, ginger, ginger, Jiang Pian, Jiang You, ginger, ginger to wait; Can be born already feed, also can do stuffing, fry feed etc. Reason the ancients says for " earth of the stroke in greens " . " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have " Jiang Xin, lukewarm, avirulent " , "Taste of chills and fever of the evil that divide wind, beneficial, medicinal powder chill, stop vomiting, treat queasy " wait for account. Hydro-thermal of Jiang Mei, brown sugar is taken, it is the country treats a cold commonly usedly, go cold antifebrile proved recipe. Civilian from mouth to mouth is worn " the winter eats turnip summer to take a surname, not fatigue doctor prescribe " view.

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