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Hawkthorn weighs Shan Ligong, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn again, also pomegranate of gradations marked on the beam of a steelyard, breed has a bit red, Yin Gong two kinds. Qing Dynasty is acting, port east the hawkthorn that one belt produces with port east short child famed far and near, ever since, hawkthorn is one of main dry fruiters that our city churchyard helps advance somebody's career all the time, but only fragmentary distributing by the side of the lasher of edge of a field at mountain ridge ground, well of Niu Quan, emperor, Gao Zhuang, Na Ye, Yan Zhuang, city child the villages and towns such as village of slope, king is main producing area. Rose 1970, help advance somebody's career area expands gradually Campagna villages and towns, and build garden to become piece cultivated, breed is given priority to with Hei Gongxing of Lai overgrown with weeds, big Venus, the others has n, big goods, small Venus to wait. Black red star of Lai overgrown with weeds is port east the place that long-term on foundation of Xing Gongshan short seed selection forms village farmer is thoroughbred, hawkthorn appraisal was saved to be able to go up to be listed to attach most importance to a dot to develop one of variety in Shandong 1985. 1987, lai overgrown with weeds is labelled hawkthorn of the whole nation, complete province expands base.