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The festival of lanterns

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The first month of the lunar year 15, also say " go up yuan of section " . The main activity of the festival of lanterns is to view and admire lights, friend says again " the Lantern Festival " . General from the first month of the lunar year 14 days come 16 days, city, area high street Zhang Deng 3 night. Folklore, the lamplight of the festival of lanterns is lucky smooth, can drive bewitching avoids unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, treat 100 disease, people often is carrying reason the lamp is illuminated each other according to the face, illuminate the outdoor inside house even each corners. Curtain of night arrives during the Lantern Festival, full town lights puts extraordinary splendour together. Just at the appointed time the city dispatchs, stream of people of the person that watch the tube is like the sea. Accompany view lamp, corporeal still type of each different all kind variety: Do the yangko dance, perform a dragon lantern dance, run the lion, step on stilt, delimit land boat, play the part of fuse... , walk along a street to string together alley, folk cries " play the part of play " , cry again " be troubled by Yuanxiao " . In recent years exceptionally grand occasion of Yuanxiao lantern show, besides showpiece outside traditional palace lantern, paper lantern, plunging into colored lantern of all sorts of mechanization that make, automation is lifelike more, conspicuous, for in former days not as good as.

The festival of lanterns this day, urban and rural people has feed " Yuanxiao " habit, it is the garment with face of polished glutinous rice namely, wait with candy, green red silk do stuffing to be made, shape is like pellet, implied meaning family reunions.


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