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Spend off year

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The twelfth month of the lunar year is worshipping kitchen day 23 days, civilian common is called " spend off year " , also say off year, off year falls, off year section. This day sends character of kitchen god God the work, call send kitchen, demit kitchen, drunk department the order.

Worshipping kitchen range has in 23 days of evening. Glue east picture of area kitchen god is stuck in on the boiler kitchen wall of house the east, both sides has " God character is meddlesome, the Jiang Jixiang that answer palace " couplet, a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription is " householder " . Sacred when, place candy melon, fruit and a bowl of water in which noodles have been boiled, next kowtow of burn joss sticks, uncover  of old kitchen god next burn-up, this sends kitchen king father God namely. A few millet straw and food grains other than wheat and rice should be added when burning, groom of good king giving kitchen. Had in the past " male do not do obeisance to a month, female not kitchen of hold a memorial ceremony for " view, shandong sends hold a memorial ceremony for by the man normally, smooth and other places of Dan Zaien county, rich is a woman however rate children censes do obeisance to Dian Sizao. After  of old kitchen range was burned, some affixes new kitchen  at that time, some is stuck again to the New Year's Eve, so couplet has again " 23 days of God go, at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one nether come " expressions.

Worshipping kitchen is multi-purpose sweet with sticky food. General is current is candy melon, jujube wait, face Qu to still use ovine jujube, dried persimmon, power sea uses melon of cake of polished glutinous rice, small candy, without younger brother, favour county, Bo Ping, action and other places of far, sunshine adds the cake that use millet or jujube cake, means is clingy the mouth of kitchen king, do not let his God missay, perhaps let the honeymouthed of kitchen king, light says a good word, call this into fierce and other places so " besmear god mouth " , some is true still go up in the mouth of kitchen god or on one small lump sugar is stuck at the door boiler kitchen. Also some wipes bit of lees or wine in kitchen doorway, call " drunk department life " .

Offerings divides candy melon and so on outside, some offers boiled dumpling, take folk " rise dumpling falls body face " meaning, some offers noodle, some returns chicken of the kitchen horse that inserts with kaoliang stalk for going up, kitchen, father of good king letting oven rides equestrian God, have a good journey. Sacred later, hold seeing-off ceremony even. Genuflect is in the family before kitchen king resembles, at the same time kowtow at the same time king of burn-up old kitchen range resembles and horse of a paper, at the same time old people mumble: "King of kitchen king kitchen, the heaven on you, much come to an agreement or understanding, say bad less, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice is brought completely. " those pressing need bear children read aloud: "The twelfth month of the lunar year 23, the Western Paradise on kitchen king, much come to an agreement or understanding will say bad less, a fat boy is taken on ponytail. " calculate a kitchen king father to send so. What far and other places of Zi plain, action still has Bo Zao after demit kitchen is consuetudinary, go out stealthily namely conversation audition a person in order to predict good or ill luck.
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