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Rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment

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"Rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment " cry again " those who knock beefsteak " , although make a living in order to cadge, can not calculate for beggar. Manage wants money not to want thing; 2 it is to learn to have rich and common folk-custom knowledge, depend on tine of clever tooth benefit, the competence of a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing of extemporaneous performance, win people almsgiving, answer so classify street actor. The cloth Da that head of shoulder of this kind of actor bears an outfit money child, both hands is taking two oxen innominate bone (say to suit fan all right) , fan compose has ball of red cloth with soft nap on, common weighs bibcock, next fan are fastening filar silk ribbon, common calls dragon end, suit fan in all fasten is worn small bell of 13 small copper, common says 13 too protect. Actor is much in the city zone busy business street activity, the quack that two beefsteak beat thunderously, make beautiful point, the edge hits an edge to sing, along businessman shop panhandle, libretto is straightaway, make up namely act namely, add up to narrow to rhyme, humorous and interesting.

Be like: Bone board knocks laughing, heart state city relies on the Grant Canal, outside sunny door 4 mix greatly, grain oily inn is " grow and " , big public house cries " auspicious " , pickles garden name " Xi and " , tea village " wide promote close " . Wide promote close big tea bank, leave between Guang Xunian piece, tea tea is all ready especially sweet. What tea? It is well-known tea, and call fool to pull, tea of west lake Dragon Well tea, tea of yellow hill cloud and mist, yunnan Pu'er tea, anhui keemun tea, the tea between Hunan bamboo, jiangsu water month is beautiful, fujian bohea... tea of peak of wool of a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness, tea of scented tea of a kind of green tea, the delicacy on the horse, longlived person eyebrow, lotus seed heart, green jade snail spring, there still is a variety of oolong tea finally... .

Be like again: Bone board is hit, look forth, will grow at the moment with inn. Food oily store, the name is old, do not calculate more than 60 years little. Old shopkeeper, relations with people is good, how good? All wool and a yard wide good, child old man is good without bully, it is good to take Lishouyi, justice of buying and selling is good, the rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment before fool door. Old shopkeeper sends big money, name of admire of traveling merchant of Beijing ferry grain comes, want soja, want Ji Dou, rice wanting gold (millet) , want corn, pignut of even red food. Grow and inn, get rich greatly, copper child foreign money billow comes, give me fool one yuan. This kind of actor, see what inn, sing what song, mouth of fluent and lively, letter picks up come, very clever, be in regrettablly old society, to live, be forced such.

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